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Do not let your import turn to be a nightmare!

With the import management servicing pack offered by Tuna for your imports from China and other countries, Tuna works as an import department of your company by undertaking the responsibilities related to import works including  research of goods, quality controls, CE and Standardization Evaluation, Purchase, Documentation, Communication, Shipment. It manages all operations to the distribution of the customs of consignee country.

Main Scope of our services related to imports from China and other countries

•Research on Products and Manufacturers

•Management of Contracts and Purchase Orders

•Quality Controls (Inspections)

•Management of Supply Chain


•Legal Consultancy

·Customs Consultancy

We serve you delivery of goods, beginning from the phase of purchase order to it’s delivery at the door (door to door). 



Being as TUNA TRADE LTD, we serve Consultancy & Marketing activities by eliminating the obstacles in foreign markets (i.e communication/inadequacy of foreign languages, insufficiency of time, inadequate number of accomplished personnel etc.) lived by the surplus value manufacturer establishments dealing with manufacturing instead of all difficulties of manufacturing, in all Turkish Regions in general and specially in the Aegean Region; by searching foreign markets, to which goods are able to be marketed in the most efficient way; display those goods at our exhibition stands by participating to the international fairs in order to find potential purchasers; by establishing mutual business relations and close relations in good condition with key-customers to be determined. Furthermore, we supply win-win while purchasing raw materials, semi products or by-products from foreign countries directly or indirectly thanks to our well-detailed research services. Our basic principles that we have in our commercial-experiences is to serve Commercial and Financial Consultancy to our distinguished manufacturer and retailers thanks to our wide-experienced personnel with capability of high-prediction.