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Our Company has launched to be operated in 1983 as Tuna  Customs Consultancy, Export-Import Consultancy, International Transportation and Organization Company. Beginning from that year; our Company has lived the honour that we have successfully implemented the activities from investment phase to key-delivery at establishment of huge built-in plants in Turkey and also from the period of establishment, our Company managed to complete the responsibilities till supply-chain process. Our Company, which has launched to work together with Tuna Trade Ltd. within the scope of export-import starting from the year 2003, have taken part in various projects that makes the country gain foreign exchange thanks to our wide connection to many countries till today.



VISION: To supply stable eligibilities through creating uniqueness.

MISSION: To manage the competitive and sustainable enlargement potential with the consideration of creating value for business partners. 




Values of Fairness and honesty are at first priority. We behave in a fair and honest manner in our relations with our colleagues and with all business partners.


Confidential and private data are comprised of data, which may cause disadvantage against Tuna Trade Ltd; commercial secrets, financial and other data that have not been announced to public; data related to employee rights, data within the framework of “non-disclosure contracts” signed with third parties.

Being as Tuna Trade Ltd personnel, we pay special attention to keep and preserve confidential data related to our employee, other business partners that we have been working with. We preserve the confidential data related to the manufacturers, which supply products to our company as well as the activities of supplier companies; we only use those data in accordance with the targets of Tuna Trade Ltd and share that data with the authorized and determined parties only.


a–In addition to our legal obligations, we pay attention to implement our responsibilities towards our customers, personnel, suppliers and business partners, competitors, society and humanity and on behalf of Tuna Trade Ltd. as follows:

b–Our Legal Obligations

We conduct all our activities and operations at both domestic and foreign markets in compliance with the laws of Turkish Republic as well as International Law; we submit accurate and complete information in due time to the regulatory authorities. 

c–Our Responsibilities towards our customers

We have been working with customer-oriented, proactive approach responding in an appropriate and soonest way to the requests and demands of our customers. Giving due time services at our promised-conditions to our customers; we respond to our customers in line with the rules of respect, honour, fairness, equality and courtesy.  

d–Our Responsibilities towards our suppliers/business partners

With the behaviour of respect and fair as expected from an accomplished customer; we pay special attention to implement our responsibilities. We carefully preserve confidential data related to identities and entities, of whom we have business relations with.